Mortgage Rate Quotes

At Radar Mortgage we quote rates on a one on  one customized basis after taking the time to understand your specific needs and situation.

“If a mortgage company is telling you that they can give you a quote in a few minutes or less they are not giving you the best rate option for you. They are giving you the best rate options for their company.” 

The difference is important! 

Can we give you ” a rate” in a minute or less. Yes  we can. But without taking the time to discuss your specifics and gain a good understanding of your situation the odds of that rate being the best option available for you are slim. 

If you are going to make one of the biggest financial commitments of your life, make sure you are working with a mortgage professional that will give you the time and effort a decision like this deserves.


“It all starts with a conversation.”

Let’s talk to determine which mortgage program and options are best for you!

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