Investment Property Lending in Florida

At Radar Mortgage, we always have something new in the works. We are constantly adding and updating our lending options for property investors in Florida.  We provide mortgage lending programs for Fix and Flip, Renovation of existing property, and Purchase or Refinance of rental property. We also can provide Lines of Credit for Flippers and Blanket Funding for Investors 

The Best Landlord Loan in Florida

We’re proud to announce a new program we’re making available, We think it is the best landlord loan in Florida. Up to 80% loan to value for purchase or 75% LTV for refinance. No limit on properties owned, and the primary criteria is that the property must debt service ratio. 1.0 or better, the investor must be able to document at least 6 months experience as a landlord, and have a minimum score of 640. The reserve requirement is 1 month PITI for each property owned. 


Fix and Flip for Florida Investors

Property investors that buy, fix & flip homes need reliable, fast, and affordable solutions. Radar Mortgage has more lending options than just about anyone in the business. We have mortgage programs for the beginner and the seasoned professional. So it does not matter if this is your first project or one of many that you are working on we have the best options available. We offer single project financing and also have options to lines of credit and blanket financing options. 


Renovating Investment Property in Florida

In today appreciating real estate market improving your investment property make sense. You can use the new equity to increase the value of your homes even further buy upgrading and renovating. At Radar Mortgage, we have the lending options to help you achieve your goals. From kitchen or bath remodel to a complete home rehab we can help you get there.

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